Lesson Fees

Trial Lessons

If you are just starting with me, the first and second is $60 (payable by cash or check).  The fee covers the lesson and materials I will give you.   The first 2 weeks is where we decide whether there is a good fit mutually.   After that, lessons are payable in advance by semester.  If you are joining mid-semester, the fee is prorated.

Why semester billing?

I make a commitment of my time for your child and provide all the materials, music.  By committing to a 10 to 14 week session, we can accomplish a lot – dependent on student participation.  All lessons are private and customized towards your child’s interests and abilities.

The semester rate for new students is $59/lesson times the number of lessons in the current semester- usually 10 to 14.   This may differ from Monday students to Wednesday students, for example, due to public holidays.  There is also a $30 material fee so I can buy the music and books your child needs.


There is no charge for attending the Winter Recital though it is highly recommended and is a mini concert production.  There is usually a huge growth spurt emotionally, intellectually and mentally in my students who take part.  Here’s an article about Why Music Recitals Are Like Life Skills 101.

I rarely get openings and I’m extremely grateful to have such a wonderful community of students and families.  The best way to stay informed is to register on my waiting list.


Upon signing up for lessons, you will receive a username and password for a student account and a parent account where you can make payments, see the lessons schedule and receive lesson notes, music files and sheet music.


You can pay securely online with your credit card or PayPal by logging into your account.  Alternatively, you can pay in cash, check or credit card at the lesson.


5 Responses to Lesson Fees

  1. Aparna Pappu says:

    Hi Andrew,
    We have a four year old boy who is interested in learning the piano. We beard about you from our neighbours Andrew and Yoon whose son Ethan learns from you.
    Please let me know if you are accepting new students.

  2. Irada Aliyeva says:

    I have two boys: 5 and 7 year old. I would like to sign them up for the next semester (Spring) or we could start earlier if you have available time for us. Please, let me know if it is possible. Thank you.

  3. Elisabeth Shoup says:

    Hi! I am an opera singer and graduate of Juilliard Pre-College and then Oberlin Conservatory. I live in Park Slope, and would love to build up my studio more. Is there a way I could get on your list of recommended teachers? I’d be happy to meet with you/ sing for you if you would like.

    Thank you,

    Libby Shoup

  4. Sophie Kelleher says:

    Please add us to the afterschool/weekend waitlist. Sophie is an 8 year old girl with two years of piano lessons.


  5. Nieves says:

    I have a 6 1/2 years old boy ELIO and 5 y old girl MILA that would love to play Piano.
    DIANA PAN recommend us your classes , her daughter SIRI is learning and enjoying your classes very much.
    Please let me know if you are accepting new students?
    NIeves :)

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